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So with the swarm software you can drag macros to certain keys. You have to select the key you want to add it too and then drag the macro to the key, for my keyboard I use them with easy shift which is where you can use the caps lock key as an additional modifier with alt ctrl and shift. You could also bind the macro to any key you possibly can via another program and then remap the key in. I recently purchased a ROCCAT Kone[+] which has some great macro possibilities due to EasyShift, which allows you to bind extra commands to the other mouse buttons (accessed by holding the assigned EasyShift mouse button). In the macro manager you can view all the in built macros and their key sequences. Below is an example which has mouse button presses

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  1. Quick video on how to create and bind a macro on Roccat Swarm. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below. Hit up the discord for more..
  2. Hundreds of Xbox, PS4 & PC Games here : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpVT3f_ei_HedNo72CsEJPff7sWnP0V8ZHow to quickly assign a key to a mouse button..
  3. ded. This is ROCCAT Studios
  4. ROCCAT introduced the world-famous Easy-Shift [+] button duplicator technology in previous mouse and keyboard models. It acts like the keyboard shift key, just for additional functions. While Easy-Shift [+] is pressed, other buttons and keys have a new function when pressed. These can be hotkeys, macros, multimedia controls and many, many more

If you don't have delays between your key inputs then your macros won't get executed correctly in games and programs. You can record your own delays between your inputs or use a fixed delay. If your macros don't get executed properly then try to set your delay higher (10ms is recommend). Did this answer your question? thumbsupYes thumbsdownNo. 16. Is it possible to edit existing macros. Download Keyboard Clicker Holder for free. Program to automatically autoclick/hold keyboard keys or mouse buttons. A small program to autoclick or hold keyboard keys or the left/right mouse button. Can be downloaded as .exe as well as the original .py file

Text version:Key 1 is the key you want to rebindKey 2 is what you want Key 1 to rebind to but not vice versaKey 3 is any keyRemap Key 1 to Key 3Remap Key 2 t.. A quality keyboard is vital for both work and play. Whether you're a mechanical purist, a couch gamer, a freak for extra functions or someone who wants it all - we've got you covered. All products; Optical Switch ; Mechanical Switch; Membrane; Color. x; 20% Discount . Color options: Vulcan Pro Optical RGB Gaming Keyboard. $ 199.99 $ 159.99. 12% Discount . Vulcan TKL Pro Compact Optical. Anyone here have a ROCCAT mouse and are familiar with their software. I am trying to assign a mouse click (right mouse button) to a macro button. There is an option to add a Shortcut but it only lets you assign keyboard keys to this shortcut not mouse buttons. The only way I have figured out how to assign mouse buttons is to create a macro with Right Mouse Button Down / Up events then.

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  1. Start with the five macro keys on the left edge of the keyboard, and the three Thumbster keys that sit below the space bar. Now add in a second available function for each of those eight keys, thanks to ROCCAT's Easy-Shift[+] system. Then toss in twenty more keys that can be set as macros using Easy-Shift[+]
  2. ROCCAT ISKU - Macros Live Recordwww.piscomu.co
  3. Can Autohotkey hold down a key? - posted in Ask for Help: Hi, im trying to do something for in a game, so that I walk when I scroll my wheel down, it works if I assign the key to attack, but I would like it to walk instead. I understand that the key needs to be held down. This is my script so far. WheelDown::Send {W} Sleep, 100 Return I figured the sleep command could maybe be used to hold.
  4. g keyboard. Without heavy lines, a polarizing shape or aggressive layout, the Vulcan 122 Aimo.
  5. ated Ga
ROCCAT Tyon - Macro Software Doesn't Allow You To Map A

Makros funktionieren im Spiel nicht In manchen Fällen ist es notwendig Verzögerungen zwischen einzelnen Befehlen in einem Makro einzusetzen, da in manchen Spielen ansonsten die Befehle aus dem Makro zu schnell gesendet werden und das Spiel diese dann nicht verarbeiten kann oder als Fehleingaben interpretiert und ignoriert When I press a button/keep it depressed the keyboard illumination switches off. Try to open the Ryos driver software and go to illumination control. Set the mode from manual to automatic to deactivate the different illumination levels. Alternatively, you can configure the individual illumination levels as you like. Did this answer your question? thumbsupYes thumbsdownNo. 2. How can I use my. The Roccat Suora F/X is a solid mechanical keyboard with a boatload of features in its driver software—including an arguably questionable feature that has scarcely been seen since 1995. Regardless, the Suora F/X easily holds its own against the competition. The Roccat Suora F/X is a frameless mechanical RGB keyboard, which is to say it's relativel

Ausgestattet mit 41 frei belegbaren Makrotasten lässt das Roccat Valo Gaming Keyboard jedes Gamer-Herz höher schlagen. Speichere 5 Profile - entweder vor dem Spielen oder mithilfe des Macro Live Recordings auch währenddessen. Ein Profile-2-Go findet sogar direkt auf dem internen Tastaturspeicher Platz. Dank der 45 austauschbaren Tasten in 3 Farben und der Beleuchtung, behältst du. The Roccat Isku keyboard is an attempt to fill that need. Its primary gimmick is providing 36 different macroable keys, including five macro keys on the far left side, three thumbster keys on the. Taking a closer look at the macro keys on the Horde AIMO and we notice something unique to ROCCAT. The macro keys are substantially shallower than the main keys. This isn't accidental; the designers realised that mistakes in gaming are a bad thing and having a fully programmed macro fire at the wrong time has the potential to be disastrous, much more so than say a miss-click on a standard key, so to reduce the chance of triggering a macro in error they reduced the height of the keys. These. Roccat: Product Group: Keyboards: In English Suomeksi Software On the first tab there are macro key settings. You can configure M-keys, thumb keys (T1-T3) and also Caps Lock's function. In one profile each key can have two different macros. The second macro can be activated by holding EasyShift key. Configuring can be done either from the drivers or by using live recording. The software also.

Roccat has put numbered macro labels on the six keys underneath scroll lock to encourage people to these keys for custom macros. More on that later. The F1-F12 keys have alternate functions that. The key spacing is good and easy to acclimatize to while switching from your prior keyboard, and the additional half-height macro keys are useful while easy to avoid/use-as-needed without looking. First, we look into how the Caps Lock key will work, as it can be set to be the Easy-Shift key, the ROCCAT Talk key, or you can set it to what is it supposed to do by name. You may also swap which. Indeed, Roccat claim the Titan's actuation point (the moment when the keyboard actually recognises a key has been pressed) is just 1.8mm compared to the 2.0mm you'll find on Cherry's MX Browns and Reds, while their total travel distance is a short 3.6mm over Cherry's 4.0mm, so they are, in fact, faster on every count. They're still not as quick as Cherry's MX Speed Silvers, whose actuation point and travel distance are a minuscule 1.2mm and 3.4mm respectively, but they're. Roccat Swarm Profiles, Macros Sharing and Tips I started this discussion to discuss and share Roccat Swarm Game Profiles, Macros, Configs for Keyboard and mouse Game setups. I created a bunch and I have not found any where online to share or discuss. < > Showing 1-6 of 6 comments . Rolldogg77. Jul 15, 2019 @ 11:36pm Here is a link for a share where files can be downloaded and added. https.

Where the capslock key sits, is where the EasyShift[+] key sits. You can press this key and utilize any key as a secondary function. So if you really wanted to map the letter L to be the letter R. a:: Send {Left down} ; Hold down the left-arrow key. return j:: Send {Left up} ; Release the left-arrow key. return d:: Send {Right down} ; Hold down the Right-arrow key. return l:: Send {Right up} ; Release the Right-arrow key. return w:: Send {Up down} ; Hold down the Up-arrow key. return i:: Send {Up up} ; Release the Up-arrow key. return s:: Send {Down down} ; Hold down the Down-arrow key. return k:: Send {Down up} ; Release the Down-arrow key. retur Sitting above the shift button is the Roccat Shift + button which essentially allows you to double the functionality of nearly every key on the board. Hold the Shift + down, and the M1 key. The Swarm software by ROCCAT is a robust platform to truly customize your Vulcan gaming keyboard. You can save up to 4 different profiles. Here you can select sound feedback from each input if you wish, that range from click, typewriter, Sci-Fi and more. Add your custom Macros in the Key Assignment area. Lastly, customize your RGB effects with preset modes such as Wave, Breathing, Snake, Fade, Ripple, Heartbeat or go fully custom. Saving the best for last, I highly suggest you try out AIMO. Inside of this folder you will located the driver disc with extra ROCCAT Stuff includes. You also get the ID card that gets you access to more cool stuff as well as registering the keyboard.

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Five macro keys run along the left side of the keyboard, joined by three thumb-keys nested under the spacebar, and the macro-recording key, dedicated media keys, and a backlight toggle button. For those of you who are OCD about your key setup, you can remap every single key on the Vulcan 120 and even multiply the number of functions using Roccat's Easy-Shift function. This basically changes the keys functions when you hit the CAPS-LOCK key when gaming. To make things even easier, there's a Macro Manager which has some common system and game presets that you can pick from and quickly assign to the keyboard. This is great because it takes out the complexity of setting up macros

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  1. g keyboard that brings a new meaning to the word extras. Built from the ground up, its ROCCAT-pioneered Membranical keys represent the best of both worlds between membrane and mechanical. The custom keys were designed and engineered from scratch to enhance key distinction and precision. The Horde AIMO also boasts quick-fire macro keys, a configurable Tuning Wheel and keys plus multi-zone RGB illu
  2. g Keyboard with pressure-sensitive key zone The Isku+ Force FX is the first product to debut Force FX technology, boasting pressure-sensitive QWEASD keys which can be configured in three different modes. The keyboard represents total ga
  3. And Roccat made one very smart decision: There's a column of five macro keys down the left side, and they're recessed to the point of looking like Chiclet-style laptop keys. My main.
  4. Titan Switch Optical. AIMO intelligent lighting engine. Mixer-style media controls. Detachable braided USB-C cable More info >. $ 159.99 $ 139.99. $ 159.99 $ 139.99. Burst Pro. Extreme lightweight shell - only 68g. Titan Switch Optical speed & precision
  5. g Keyboard, AIMO LED Illu

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Gestern wollte ich mich dann mal mit den Makro Tasten befassen und musste dafür die ROCCAT Swarm Software installieren, was ich anfangs vergessen hatte (die Tastatur lief ja auch ohne problemlos). Nun gut, Swarm runtergeladen, installiert und die neusten Treiberupdates draufgezogen - und prompt verabschiedete sich die Tastatur, nachdem der Treiber für die Tastatur (Firmwareupdate V1.26. Roccat Vulcan Roccat Vulcan: Game Mode erklärt - und so deaktivieren Sie ihn. Für ambitionierte PC-Spieler sind Tastaturen eine Wissenschaft für sich. Mit dem Game Mode möchte Roccat dieser Vorliebe Tribut zollen. Wir fassen deswegen die wichtigsten Infos zusammen. Datum: 20.05.2020. Purer Fokus: Der Game Mode deaktiviert einige potenzielle Stolpersteine. Bei Top-Tastaturen wie der. Recorded macros can be assigned to one of the dedicated macro keys on the left side of the board (M1 - M5) or any of the other keys on the board. Flipping the keyboard over reveals the cable.

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Dazu muss man nur den Marko Rekord Key drücken und wird dann von der Roccat Stimme aufgefordert das Makro aufzuzeichenen und erneut den Rekord Button zu drücken. Das funktioniert auch innerhalb von Spielen sehr zuverlässig und erleichtert einem die Arbeit enorm beim Aufzeichnen von Komplexeren Makros. Natürlich kann man das Makro später auch noch mal editieren und optimieren Also, in order for the capslock key to work, you have to press and hold the T1 key then press the capslock key. Without pressing the T1 key, it functions as a macro key. To some, this my be convenient or inconvenient depending on your style of play. EDIT: The above mentioned is enabled by default. There is an option in the keyboard drivers software to have the capslock key act as a capslock. Easy-Shift[+] on the keyboard toggles shifted macros when held, but no setting can be made to lock/unlock Easy-Shift[+]. A ROCCAT Kone (+, XTD, and Pure) mouse must be used and configured to lock. Press R on your keyboard to assign this hotkey to your mouse. After saving the settings, the relevant mouse button will now act as your keyboard's R key and will therefore work as the reloading function. You can also explore the macro manager within our Swarm suite. It offers a preselection of common games and functions which can be directly set on your mouse. You can import even more macro presets from following folder: ~MyDocumentsROCCATSwarmpreset_macr

You're now the proud owner of a ROCCAT™ Ryos MK Pro - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard With Per-key Illumination, the most advanced, most customizable mechanical keyboard ever - NOBODY comes close! With an eye-watering number of confi guration options, fully-con- fi.. ROCCAT Horde AIMO Tastatur mit Tuning Wheel hin­ter­grund­be­leuch­tet USB Deutsch Schwarz (ROC-12-350-BK) 76,09 € 76,09 € inkl. Versand. Lastschrift Vorkasse. Versandkosten: ab 0,00 € Details. Sofort lie­fer­bar, Lie­fer­zeit 1-3 Werk­ta­ge. DHL. 4.296 Meinungen. Sofort lie­fer­bar, Lie­fer­zeit 1-3 Werk­ta­ge; ROCCAT Horde AIMO Gaming Tastatur. 77,05 € 77,05 € inkl.

Shop popular roccat-keyboard-macro chosen by Drop communities. Join Drop to discover the latest details on Knops Mini Macro Keyboard, Roccat Suora Frameless... SIGN UP. LOG IN. Roccat Keyboard Macro. link. Mech Keys • PRODUCT. Knops Mini Macro Keyboard. 291. more_vert. Akatsuki4 10. Mech Keys • Questions. 371 views. Looking for Mechanical Keyboards Macros! Hello everyone. I am new here. Roccat really made the keys the star of the show with the Vulcan TKL Pro, and all of my other keyboards just feel drab by comparison. Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro review: Features. Having never used.

If it's just a single key you wanna hold down, use a shortcut. It's not possible with macros. Macro repeat whilst holding? First of all great software, easily provides everything the Windows driver does. I just have one small question - is it possible to get a macro to repeat for as long as a button is being pressed? I am using the driver for my tyon mouse and have mostly everything how I want. The ROCCAT - ROCCAT® Vulcan TKL Compact Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard - Black is the new standard in gaming keyboard. Style, Class, functionality, tactile responsiveness, visually stunning yet simplistic; everything you need to take your game to the next level. Crush your opponents with the advantages you will gain with the ROCCAT Vulcan TKL! I have tested several keyboards over the past few. Unser Partner amazon.com bietet die Roccat Valo für 90,95 Euro und kostenlosem Versand an. Für Spieler, die mit vielen Makros arbeiten, ist die Roccat Valo auf jeden Fall eine Überlegung Wert. Great - Roccat's Horde AIMO is a pretty great gaming keyboard thanks to its membranical switches, and sweet Windows dial. IGN.com If you like high-profile, super definite key strokes with a solid click-clack audible return, then look to a pure mechanical board, but if you prefer a smoother, low-profile and quieter typing experience, then Roccat's new membranical system is 100 per. A Linux user-mode driver for the ROCCAT Vulcan 100/12x series keyboards. Support for other hardware devices is planned and will be included in future releases. Please see TODO.md for further information. TL;DR what you absolutely need to know. The default MODIFIER key is the FN key. Use it to switch slots (with F1-F4) or access macros (M1-M6)

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The Valo is definitely aimed at the gamer in us with its multitude of commands and timings, LCD display, and 41 macro keys. To store all of those key combinations, timings and commands is 2MB of on-board memory which will prevent you from having to result back to the software for reconfiguring. If you take a moment to read on you will find out the Valo has a few more options up its sleeve that. The keyboard lacks dedicated macro keys, but a handful of shortcuts are paired with the function keys (as well as a few other keys), accessible by holding down Fn in combination with one of those. You're now the proud owner of a ROCCAT™ Ryos MK - Advanced Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, the most advanced, most customizable mechanical keyboard ever - NOBODY comes close! With an eye-watering number of confi guration options and high-quality CHERRY MX key switches, you can break out - and unleash the gaming beast within Roccat Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard reviews, pros and cons, Amazon price history. Liked: Offers up to 25 programmable macros. Easy on-the-fly macro recording. Disliked: Integrated wrist rest

Vulcan TKL Pro Compact Optical RGB Gaming Keyboard. $ 159.99 $ 139.99. Vulcan TKL Compact Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard. $ 129.99 $ 129.99. Vulcan 122 AIMO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. $ 159.99 $ 159.99. 25% Rabat . Vulcan 121 AIMO Mechaniczna klawiatura dla graczy. $ 159.99 $ 119.99. Vulcan 120 AIMO Mechaniczna klawiatura dla graczy. $ 159.99 $ 159.99. Vulcan 100 AIMO Mechaniczna klawiatura. ROCCAT »Roccat Vulcan 100 AIMO Mechanical Keyboard,tactile« Gaming-Tastatur für 134,90€. 1.8mm Betätigungsabstand (spürbar, geräuscharm) bei OTT Roccat Isku FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard (PC) DE-Version günstig online kaufen im computeruniverse Online Shop. Bestellen Sie jetzt Tastaturen für PC und Laptop günstig online! computeruniverse - beste Auswahl, bester Service Roccat's Roccat Talk technology allows the keyboard and mouse to exchange data so you can execute a mouse macro from the keyboard or map key sequences to the mouse. It's a great idea, and we.

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Turtle Beach's peripheral division, Roccat, thinks it can answer your call with a new Pro Optical-Tactile version of the Vulcan keyboard lineup. The new Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile variant is the latest desktop addition to the Roccat range and looks like it is going to bring a new level of choice to this particular brand of desktop weapon Unsere Redaktion hat im großen Roccat Arvo Test uns jene besten Artikel angeschaut und alle nötigen Merkmale recherchiert. In den Rahmen der Note fällt eine Vielzahl an Eigenarten, damit ein möglichst gutes Ergebniss zu sehen. Der absolute Testsieger sollte beim Roccat Arvo Vergleich sich gegen die Anderen behaupten

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  1. There are three programmable Thumbster keys, five Macro keys, and 94 of the keys can be programmed for EasyShift. The polling rate is set to 1000Hz by default with 1ms response time. There are 1.8.
  2. The F11 key serves to adjust the keyboard's lighting intensity and the F12 key lets users quickly record macros. Recorded macros can be assigned to one of the dedicated macro keys on the left.
  3. g Keyboard With Per-key Illu

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won't have to hunt for keys in the heat of the. function key, hit the record button, and let. battle. It's as easy as holding down the. the sound feedback tool talk you through. Easy-Shift [+]™ key and hitting the key of your. the quick and easy recording process, step. choice to activate its secondary function It's got six programmable macro buttons and they're placed well - they rest on the insert/delete/page up keys which are rarely used in gaming, which allows players to activate said macros. Instead, you'll have to make do with the Fn buttons for the rest of your media key needs, and use the six M-labelled keys on the right for any programmable macros you might want to use, the latter of which can be activated by pressing the Game Mode key in the very top right corner. That might sound odd for a keyboard with 'MOBA-approved' and 'MMO-approved' emblazoned on its box, but as long as you're okay with that, the Suora makes a fine desk companion indeed

Group to Discuss and share Game Profiles, Macros and Configurations for Roccat Swarm Users for Keyboard and Mouse Best Practice Roccat Swarm Users for Keyboard and Mouse Best Practices VIEW ALL. POPULAR DISCUSSIONS VIEW ALL Please feel free to discuss and tips and or Share any of your Game Profiles and Macros that you have created for Roccat Swarm. Read More. VIEW ALL (28) GROUP MEMBERS Administrators Members 28 MEMBERS. 0. IN-GAME. 5. ONLINE. 9 IN CHAT. Enter chat room Founded. July 15, 2019. Language. English. Keybindings are not an macro. At an Macro you hold the Mouse key and he makes only 1x F1 at keybindings you hold the button and he spamms F1 like an Keyboard. Its helps you not so mutch but i hope it makes you the playing alittle bit Easyser. I know Keybindis with an Mouse is usebal with Logitech and Roccat produkts. KohinaChan, Jan 17, 2020 #3. Chinni User. Joined: 19.08.19 Messages: 79 Likes. When your game demands precise marksmanship in sniper mode, simply press and hold a single keyboard key and Easy-Aim will instantly optimize the DPI setting on your Kone[+]. This two-handed custom marksmanship is the simplest and most convenient way ever to achieve pinpoint sniping accuracy. And it also frees up a Kone[+] button for another macro of your choice. Imagine the world's best gaming mouse and the new king of gaming keyboards operating in perfect harmony - and doing your.

I've had a Roccat Ryos MK Pro for over 2 years, and I'm extremely happy with it. I like it better than the Cherry keyboard I bought for work. The build quality is excellent, and the software is stable and functional. I get a lot of use out of the macro keys. As far as I know, the only difference between the Pro and the FX is that this supports non-blue illumination, meaning this is a strict upgrade You're now the proud owner of a ROCCAT™ Ryos MK Glow - Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, the most advanced, most customizable mechanical keyboard ever - NOBODY comes close! With an eye-watering number of confi guration options, awesome 100+ L.E.D. key-illumination and high-quality CHERRY® MX key switches, you can break out - and unleash the gaming beast within Holding down the Easy-Shift[+]key while simultaneously holding down any one of these keys activates any secondary function you have assigned. If you are playing a first-person shooter, your right.

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The ROCCAT Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard, the Kone XTD and the Kone Pure are the world's first devices to be connected with the ROCCAT Talk protocol. For example, ROCCAT Talk lets you take advantage of exclusive Easy-Shift[+] technology. Now you can use the Easy-Shift[+] key on your Isku to activate macros for both the keyboard and mouse. It's a one-stop short-cut that makes giving orders quicker and easier The ROCCAT Isku gaming keyboard has an extraordinarily level of features. It has a large number of possible macro combinations, and is extremely gamer-friendly. It's made for the dedicated gamer. ROCCAT Horde AIMO Membranical RGB Gaming Keyboard Vollgepackt mit nützlichen Funktionen, verleiht die Horde AIMO dem Wort Ausstattung eine vollkommen neue Bedeutung. Ihr individuelles Design und ihre Membranical-Tasten vereinen zum ersten Mal die Vorteile einer Membran-Tastatur mit dem präzisen Auslösepunkt einer mechanischen. Die Quickfire-Makro-Tasten, das Windows-10-Dial kompatible und konfigurierbare Tuning-Rad mit Multifunktions-Tasten, sowie die RGB-Beleuchtung mit mehreren Zonen. Something new to ROCCAT's keyboard lineup is the introduction of their Easy-Shift[+] technology that was previously found on their mice. Easy-Shift[+] replaces the functionality of the Caps Lock key when the Vulcan 120 is set to Game Mode and allows you to add even more macros, shortcuts and remapping to the 20 keys between 1-5-B-Z. Think of it as you would the CTRL key when using copy and.

ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow USB Mechanical Gaming KeyboardRoccat Nyth Review | Digital Trends

Illumination: Full RGB. Size: 14.2 x 5.3 x 1.3 inches. The Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro is a gorgeous RGB keyboard. There's no shortage of gaming keyboards on the market today, but even in a sea of. If you're also the owner of a Roccat gaming mouse, the EasyShift[+] key on the keyboard can be used to enable the secondary macros bound on the mouse as well It's not cheating to bind one key to a mouse or keypad. It's when you bind a series of key strokes suck as recon binding fire, reload, then ads on one key. But not sure if illegal in bf4 since they've macro'd the defib to the enter key 1.2mm actuation point for macro keys: LED driver, 256 steps PWM control: Six-zone illumination with 12 RGB LEDs: Wheel encoder with 20 steps: 1.8m flettet USB-kabe Extra macro keys are useful for gamers who play a lot of MMOs or competitive shooters. Tom's Guide also has a comprehensive primer on how to find the best gaming keyboard for your setup. On the other end of the spectrum, if budgeting is your primary concern, we've also rounded up the Best and Worst Cheap Keyboards you can buy. None of them can match a dedicated gaming keyboard, but some. The way to combat this is to pick up a mechanical keyboard, such as the ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow gaming keyboard. Not only does it boast Cherry MX key switches, but also allows for up to 500 macros to.

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